’13 Reasons Why’ Star Anne Winters Talks Season 3 & Chloe’s Relationship With Bryce


The third season of Netflix’s buzzed-about series 13 Reasons Why has finally arrived, leaving fans to uncover the answer to the show’s newest question — who killed Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice)?

As the streamer hit’s villain, Bryce’s serial rapist behavior was often disputed by Season 2 girlfriend Chloe (Anne Winters), who attempted to maintain a glorified image of her athletic partner. By the second chapter’s finale, though, Chloe was ready to take a stand against Bryce in court during the trial regarding Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford) suicide and the reasons behind it.

When she doesn’t end up exposing him as a sexual assaulter, Chloe shares with Jessica (Alisha Boe) that she’s pregnant with Bryce’s baby. So where does this leave Bryce’s girlfriend when it comes time to answer the question at the front of everyone’s minds? Winters fills us in below.

Where is Bryce and Chloe’s relationship when Season 3 kicks off?

Anne Winters: Right where it left off. Chloe is still kind of back and forth with him. She still has her doubts but thinks that she knows Bryce and that their connection is deeper than what anyone else thinks. You’ll see their relationship and what ends up happening but that’s still where she is right now.

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In the Season 2 finale we learn that Chloe was pregnant, does that revelation have her more obligated to stand by Bryce or try and remove herself from his orbit?

Her pregnancy is going to be [explored], that’s where her life is at right now. She has to figure out what she wants to do and who she wants to tell. But I’m excited for everyone to see what happens in Season 3 with that, and to see what people think about her and Bryce’s relationship with that being a factor.

Bryce is dead; what can you say about Chloe’s reaction to his passing? Is it more relief-based or grief-ridden?

I think that at the end of the day, she still cared about him. They still were in love, and by him dying, I think it definitely is bad for her. She’s [not] relieved in the sense of she’s happy that he died. There are people that are kind of relieved in a sense, but not to where it negates the fact that it’s still really devastating that he is died.

Winters with Prentice in Season 2 (Credit: Netflix)

How did you feel when you found out that Justin Prentice’s character Bryce would be killed off in Season 3?

I was kind of excited about it just because I didn’t know what would happen after Hannah was gone, and I think that this is a really good twist to have people see a lot more sides to [the story]. And there’s a couple new characters this season that you’ll get to see and their storylines with Bryce and I think are interesting.

Bryce still plays like a big role, there’s still a lot of flashbacks and everything — it’s going to be a lot like season one and two. So you kind of get to see the journey of who you think might have done it and more secrets to every character.

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Chloe looks very close to Zach (Ross Butler) in the trailer. What can you say about their relationship?

Zach and Chloe definitely bond in this next season. He becomes a bit of an anchor for her and a good guy in her life that she hasn’t really had. But I can’t say much more [Laughs].

Will we see any of Chloe’s home life since we didn’t see that part of her in Season 2?

No, it doesn’t go much into her home life. I think if anything it just goes more in depth with her and what she thinks. In the second season she’s all for Bryce and doesn’t do anything for herself. She relies on the popularity and that’s what she values. In the third season, you’re going to see her a little bit more on her own and kind of start making decisions for herself instead of for Bryce.

Winters in Season 2 (Credit: Netflix)

The show’s been renewed for a fourth and final season. Will the storylines this year continue onto the final chapter or will Bryce’s death be wrapped up in these episodes?

There’s going to be some things that are wrapped up, but the mindset and what people are going through mentally and emotionally because of all three seasons [will continue]. It’s like the aftermath of any tough situation, especially the ones that these kids had been going through in the school, everything doesn’t just stop and then no one thinks about it anymore. It’s still definitely a part of everyone’s story.

You’re currently appearing in Grand Hotel as well, which is a network program. What’s the biggest difference between working on a streaming series like 13 Reasons Why as opposed to the network newbie?

13 Reasons Why is a darker show. We talk about much bigger topics that could be controversial, and then Grand Hotel, it’s just fun. It’s like an escape for people to relax and get away and not think about those tough things that they might be going through in their real lives. The vibe on set is definitely that, it’s very different. Not that we don’t joke around and have fun on 13 Reasons Why, but the vibe and what we’re talking about is definitely very different and it creates a very different atmosphere.

I bet. You’re dealing with some really heavy topics.

But it’s definitely rewarding, I would say. It’s rewarding for me as an actor to be able to portray and to play something that’s super real and that people can relate to in a tougher situation or feel like they’re not alone. It makes those days on on set that are kind of a tougher rewarding and nice. It feels good.

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