‘Blue Bloods’ Cast on Wedding Episode: ‘It Was the Beginning’ for Jamie & Eddie

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Patrick Harbron/CBS

Blue Bloods ended its ninth season with the event fans had been waiting for: Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie’s (Vanessa Ray) wedding.

While it ended before Eddie even reached the altar, the Season 9 DVD, available Tuesday, does include a special feature detailing key moments for the Reagans over the 22 episodes with insight from the cast. And like the season, it ends with the wedding. (But there is no new footage of the event.)

“This episode, obviously we have a big wedding, but it’s more about these two figuring out what the next part of their life’s going to look like,” Ray said in the featurette. “It was the beginning of some other questions that come up.”

We saw some of that in the episode, as Eddie faced the reality of marrying a Reagan and butted heads with her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), over a witness’ statement.

“The real jeopardy in Blue Bloods is to the relationships,” Tom Selleck explained. “The audience doesn’t want anything to happen to the relationships. This season, they are really at risk.”

“When she’s in my office, I’m always going to treat her as an equal, always as a cop, not as a sister-in-law,” Moynahan added.

Though viewers didn’t get to see an actual wedding, it was a full house for the moments that were shown. “The vibe’s different on the set because just about every recurring cast member is in that church,” Selleck said.

(Patrick Harbron/CBS)

“We have most of the background performers who work with us on the show,” Donnie Wahlberg added. “There’s so many people here, and they’re all dressed up, it’s sort of like an end of the year party.”

We’ll have to wait to see what the new season holds for the next part of Jamie and Eddie’s lives.

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