You Can Count on…The Count! The ‘Sesame Street’ Legend Celebrates 50 Years (VIDEO)

How much do we love Sesame Street‘s Count Von Count? Let us count the ways!

First off, he’s one of of the only vampires on TV who can do interviews during the day. Which is a good thing, since his landmark show is basically the morning show for the diapered set. Secondly, he’s the best thing to happen to numbers since the Egyptians came up with their concept. And thirdly, he made time during his busy schedule during July’s San Diego Comic-Con International to visit us at our video suite, sponsored by Tate’s Bake Shop.

So what was the felt fella doing in San Diego? Turns out, this is the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street and to celebrate this auspicious occasion, The Count and several of his neighbors from the famed avenue have been making appearances around the country.

We were tickled as pink as his fuzzy face when the iconic Muppet popped by to chat about his love of numbers and the show’s historic birthday, as well as share some of his own secret age-defying tips. Guess age really is just a number, huh Ah AH AHHHHH!

Check out our chat with The Count in the video above!