Milo Ventimiglia on ‘This Is Us’ Ending: ‘It Is Really, Truly Beautiful’ (VIDEO)

This Is Us - Season 3
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us‘ fourth season may not premiere until late September, but star Milo Ventimiglia was already teasing the show’s ultimate end during an appearance this week on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The actor, who has captured fans’ hearts as Pearson family patriarch Jack, stopped by the late-night show to talk about his new film, The Art of Racing in the Rain, but Seth Meyers couldn’t resist asking Ventimiglia about the This Is Us. Toward the end of their nearly seven-minute conversation, Meyers pointed out that the actor supposedly knows how the story will end.

“I know the far-off,” Ventimiglia confirmed about the mysterious This Is Us conclusion.

The star wouldn’t divulge too much and maintained that the ending he knows could always evolve into something else. “But it’s also what I’ve been told,” he added. “Things can always change. It’s a newspaper, you’ve gotta wait and see what’s gonna happen. But what I do know?”

“It’s — it is really, truly beautiful,” Ventimiglia gushed about where the Pearsons’ story will end. This Is Us was picked up for Seasons 4 through 6 earlier this year, following the Season 3 finale, making it one of the first network shows to receive such an order.

But knowing the end does have its drawbacks and when Seth asked Milo if he liked the burden of keeping such a secret, Ventimiglia said laughing, “No. Who does? It’s like carrying, like, you know, the nuclear football. It’s like, this is the thing that destroys the world.”

He then jokingly went on to say he’ll act like he doesn’t know anything from here on out, “I’m just gonna shut my mouth and not say a word,” he said. “Actually, I don’t know anything. I’m just gonna play, like, stupid actor.”

See their full exchange in the video below and stay tuned for more This Is Us news as Season 4 approaches.

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