‘Preacher’ Cast Prepares to Say Goodbye to the Series Ahead of Season 4 Premiere (VIDEO)

It’s the beginning of the end on AMC’s comic book-based series, Preacher. Both literally — this is the final season for Dominic Cooper‘s powerful Jesse Custer & co.’s wild adventures — and within the storyline, as an apocalypse is seemingly brewing while the hunt for God intensifies.

Cooper, along with castmates Ruth Negga, Julie Ann Emery and Mark Harelik swung by TV Insider’s video suite at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, to talk about the final go, starting this Sunday, August 4.

Luckily, the cast had just finished shooting the series days before they made the trek to San Diego. “It was very odd because you think it’s going to be this wonderful thing, like a play, where you finish and you bow.” Cooper said about the final day of filming. “Truth is, you’re lonely and sad in a parking lot at 4:30AM and we were all separated.”

The whole gang got in on the sentimentality behind shooting the series together, which has been on the air since 2016. “We really loved hashing through crazy scene work together,” added Emery. “I think we’re all still a little shell-shocked.”

Executive producer Seth Rogen announced this would be the final season of the wacky series via Twitter earlier this year. But Cooper and the rest of the cast are all proud of the episodes to come.

“[The writers] have cleverly managed to do, I think what was owed to fans of the comic, which is close off the story,” Cooper explains. Adding: “We went on very separate journeys on this, but we all came to a head in the end and it reached a monumental peak. They’ve done what the comics did, which I think was one of the best things I’ve ever read.”

In the Season 4 premiere, Jesse and Tulip (Negga) prepare to take down Masada, where vampire pal Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) is currently being tortured. The Grail and its operatives, including Emery’s Lara Featherstone will continue to be formidable adversaries as an apocalypse rises. As always, expect blood, guts and casual horrors along the way.

Check out the full video interview above for more with the cast of Preacher.

Preacher, Final Season Premiere, Sunday, August 4, 9/8c, AMC