‘American Ninja Warrior’ Oklahoma City Finals: 7 Impressive Runs (VIDEO)

American Ninja Warrior - Season 11
Brett Deering/NBC

American Ninja Warrior Season 11’s city finals continued in Oklahoma City, with a night of speed. Plus, the female competitors got revenge on an obstacle from qualifying and broke a record.

Like in qualifiers, the ninjas had to face the Shrinking Steps, Wing Swing, Fly Wheels, Diving Boards, Coconut Climb, and Warped Wall. Then they moved to the back half, consisting of the Salmon Ladder, Crazy Clocks, Snap Back, and Spider Trap. (The eighth obstacle eliminated a third of the finalists on the night.)

The ninjas who completed the course with the two fastest times then faced off on the Power Tower. The winner emerged with the Safety Pass, allowing for a do-over if he or she falls on Stage 1 or 2 in the national finals.

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We're watching these ninjas as they advance to the National Finals.

Check out the highlights below.

The Best Run of Maggi Thorne’s Career

It was the first time she made it past the fifth obstacle in competition, and that was after falling (and hitting her face) and saving herself on the Diving Boards. She was the second mother to make it up the Warped Wall, but she fell on Crazy Clocks and just missed out on qualifying for Las Vegas this season.

Karsten Williams Broke His Curse

(Brett Deering/NBC)

Before Oklahoma City, the seven-time competitor, five-time national finalist hadn’t hit a buzzer in city finals since Season 6. He kept getting hung up on the ninth obstacle, but he was the first one on the night to successfully make it past Snap Back and up the Spider Trap — and guarantee another trip to Vegas.

Taylor Amann: One of the Season’s Standout Rookies

(Brett Deering/NBC)

She failed on Coconut Climb during qualifying, but successfully completed it in city finals. She reached (though fell on) Crazy Clocks fast enough to advance to the national finals. She was the first female rookie to make it to the back of the course since Jesse Labreck three years ago.

David Wright Has His Cake and Eats It, Too

(Brett Deering/NBC)

The 19-year-old rookie moved quickly, calmly, and efficiently through the course, even after kicking the board in the middle of Crazy Clocks. The “Cake Ninja” became the second person to guarantee a trip to the national finals by hitting the buzzer.

Barclay Stockett Wrapped up a Record-Breaking Night for Women

She, too, failed on the Coconut Clocks during qualifying — and successfully made it past them in city finals. She became the fourth woman of the night to make it up the Warped Wall (the most the show has had). Though she fell on Crazy Clocks, she made it to the obstacle faster than Thorne, guaranteeing her ticket to Las Vegas and eliminating the other competitor. (Only two women move on in city finals.)

The Speed Pass Allowed Daniel Gil to Regain the Throne

Like Drew Drechsel in Atlanta, the Kingdom Ninja already had his ticket to Las Vegas booked after securing the Speed Pass during qualifying and ran the city finals course in hopes of winning the Safety Pass. He reached the Warped Wall in under a minute and had the fastest time on the night when he hit the buzzer in just over three and a half minutes.

The Kid’s Aiming to Return to Stage 2

Last season’s breakout rookie, Mathis “Kid” Owhadi trains with Gil — and as the last runner of the night, he was trying to beat his time or at least come in second to face him on the Power Tower. He sped through the finals course, hitting the buzzer just ahead of Williams’s time. Then, he beat Gil and earned the Safety Pass.

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