‘Supergirl’ Gears Up for The Flash’s Crossover (VIDEO)

Supergirl Flash thumb

As if Supergirl wasn’t electrifying enough these days, this promo trailer is all we need to verify that things are going to get even more energized when Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen races from The Flash on The CW to Melissa Benoist’s hood of National City on CBS.

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“It’s just fun, you know?” marvels executive producer Andrew Kreisberg of the March 28 episode, which takes its inspiration and name from the Scarlet Speedster’s team-up with the Man of Steel in 1967’s Superman No. 199. “When you see any comic book that has more than one hero on it, it just makes [fans] smile. And it doesn’t matter which book it is, whether it’s Batman and Green Lantern, or Superman and Robin, or Wonder Woman and Nightwing. That stuff is just fun to see,” he continues. “So to see Supergirl and the Flash, especially because they are A-List characters, it’s just super exciting.”

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Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.