‘The Man in the High Castle’: First Look at a Scene From the Final Season (VIDEO)

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The cast of Amazon Prime Video’s The Man in the High Castle stopped by San Diego Comic-Con International to tease their upcoming fourth and final season.

Stars Rufus Sewell, Joel De La Fuente, Jason O’Mara, Chelah Horsdal and Frances Turner joined executive producers Isa Dick Hackett, Daniel Percival and David Scarpa with fans in Room 6A, where they revealed the premiere date along with some new footage for the final chapter and first debuting in 2015.

Season 4, premiering Friday, November 15, will see the characters rocked by war and revolution as The Resistance becomes a full-on rebellion. Leading the charge is Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos), who has visions of a better world in her eyes. There will be a new Black insurgent movement that clashes with the forces of Nazism and imperialism.

While the empires struggle to find their footing, Chief Inspector Takeshi Kido (Joel De La Fuente) will become torn between his country and family. As for Reichsmarschall John Smith (Rufus Sewell), he’ll be drawn to the Nazi-built portal that leads to another universe filled with possibilities.

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The series is based in an alternate timeline in which the axis powers won WWII.

During their presentation, the cast unveiled a sneak peek at the highly-anticipated return with a special clip featuring Juliana. In the disorienting sequence, she is sucked into another dimension that looks eerily similar to our own of the time as an American flag flies in front of a home surrounded by flowers and a white picket fence.

Injured, she tries to get up and falls into the road where a car stops and two men come out to assist her. When Juliana looks up at her saviors, it’s John Smith and his… son?! Considering Thomas (Quinn Lord) perished, it’s obvious Juliana isn’t in her own dimension anymore.

Will she take their help or will the kindness John Smith is showing fade away? Fans will have to find out when The Man in the High Castle returns this fall. Check out the exciting sneak peek below.

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