Is Lauren Cohan Coming Back to ‘The Walking Dead’?

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The Walking Dead may not be airing currently, but as fans anticipate Season 10’s arrival, one question remains — will Lauren Cohan return?

The actress left the show in Season 9 — at least for the time being — to take on a lead role in ABC’s short-lived series Whiskey Cavalier. Now, since that show has gotten the boot, the question of whether she’ll reprise her role as Maggie Rhee on Dead remains.

Cohan left the show partway through Season 9 ahead of the time jump in which her absence was chalked up to her leaving Hilltop with her baby. But now that Cohan’s schedule appears to be open, it seems like she has the time to reenter The Walking Dead universe.

Showrunner Angela Kang recently spoke about the situation with Entertainment Weekly and offered, “I’m not sure if I can say much about it right now actually… I’ll just say that we’re working on it.”

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While not too revealing, the statement offers fans some promising possibilities, but there are a few things that would have to be worked out to see Cohan come back. The actress had been struggling with securing appropriate pay for her role from AMC, and it was rumored that’s part of the reason she jumped ship for ABC.

If AMC and Cohan are able to come to an agreement, the next step would be finding out how to re-incorporate her into the storyline considering the timeline as well as the fact that Season 10 was filming prior to Whiskey Cavalier‘s cancellation. Only time will tell whether Cohan will return to the universe, but at this point Kang’s words prove that you can never say never.

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