‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Canceled at ABC — 6 Questions the Series Left Hanging (PHOTOS)

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Whiskey Cavalier almost kiss

Did Frankie and Will kiss?

After ending up in the same spot to enjoy the view — though Frankie (Lauren Cohan) didn’t want to entertain any ideas about “fate” — Will (Scott Foley) admitted he’d hoped she’d show up there. He leaned in for a kiss, but that was where the scene ended.

Executive producer Bill Lawrence tweeted after the finale aired that if the show wasn’t saved, they would tell fans what happened “AND show … the kiss.” Since the series has been “fully” canceled, that kiss likely happened.

Whiskey Cavalier Ollerman Standish

Did Ollerman kill Standish?

In the finale, the team learned Tina (Marika Dominczyk) worked for Ollerman (Dylan Walsh), and she told her boyfriend, Standish (Tyler James Williams), that she killed Will’s girlfriend, Emma. During the mission, Standish killed Tina.

In the final scene, Standish was in the middle of leaving Will a voicemail about Tina killing Emma when Ollerman grabbed him from behind. “You shouldn’t have shot my girlfriend,” he said before stabbing Standish in the chest. Was that the end of Standish?

Whiskey Cavalier Ollerman alive

How long before the others realize Ollerman is alive?

During the standoff with Will and Frankie, Ollerman decided to “end [his story] on his own terms” and jumped out the window. Afterwards, a body — or at least part of one — was recovered. Will was going to identify it, but would he be able to tell it’s not his former boss? Or would it take hearing Standish’s message for him to realize something was wrong?

Whiskey Cavalier Ollerman

How will they take down Ollerman for good?

As we’ve seen, it won’t be easy and he always has a trick up his sleeve. So what will it take for Frankie, Will and the team to stop him?

Without a second season, we don’t know how long that would have taken or if another Big Bad would have popped up.

Whiskey Cavalier Ray

Should we be worried about Ray?

To force the team to do a job for him, Ollerman used Ray’s (Josh Hopkins) life as leverage. He injected him with 50 microns of magnetized nanoparticles. They move harmlessly through the bloodstream, unless activated. “Then the particles coagulate in the brain, rupturing veins, causing massive cerebral hemorrhage, instant death,” he explained.

Jai (Vir Das) made a powerful electromagnet collar to help Ray and track Ollerman when he activated the detonator. In order to do so, they had to leave some of the particles in Ray’s brain.

When he woke up in the hospital, they told him he’d be okay but suffered “minimal degrees of brain damage.” Standish then joked that none of them will notice. But will Ray suffer any long-term effects from those particles?

Whiskey Cavalier Susan Ray

Do Ray and Susan have a shot at a real future?

Susan (Ana Ortiz) admitted she cares for him, and their secret is out. They were in a good place at the end of the finale, despite him being in a hospital bed and still recovering.

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Whiskey Cavalier, “Czech Mate.”]

Whiskey Cavalier ended on quite the cliffhanger, and while there was originally hope that ABC might decide to bring it back for a second season despite canceling it, it is officially over.

Showrunner David Hemingson announced the sad news on Twitter Friday, telling his followers that the series “has been fully and finally cancelled.”

TVLine had reported Thursday that the dramedy might have gotten a second chance. According to its sources, “talks between ABC and producer Warner Bros. Television are ongoing” and “the odds of the show returning [are] at 50/50.” The studio had also looked elsewhere to find it a new home.

Fans had been calling for it to be saved, just like shows such as Timeless, Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine have been in recent years, using the hashtag #SaveWhiskeyCavalier as fans of other shows have done following cancelations. Executive producer Bill Lawrence recognized the support and asked his Twitter follows to use the hashtag in messages to ABC.

The finale also reached an 11-week high for its 18-49 rating with a 0.7 and 3.8 million tuning in. Unfortunately, that didn’t help, though Lawrence did ask his followers on Twitter to watch the finale Wednesday night, suggesting that they could “make this a ‘season’ finale and not a series finale.” When asked about moving to another network, he tweeted, “nope. Looking at our ABC reconsidering. Show streams well (delayed/Hulu) which makes it tricky.”

And fans were definitely hoping that ABC did choose to renew the dramedy, especially after that season finale. The episode ended with too much unresolved for fans’ liking.

So, click through the gallery above for the questions we still need answered and sound off in the comments below with your own.