Netflix’s ‘Otherhood’ Is About a ‘Deep Female Friendship,’ Says Director Cindy Chupack

Netflix / Linda Kallerus

Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned. Just ask the three women at the heart of Otherhood, a new dramedy directed and cowritten by former Sex and the City and Modern Family executive producer Cindy Chupack.

Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette and Felicity Huffman star as moms Carol, Gillian and Helen, who pay a surprise visit to their sons in Manhattan after the louts don’t even bother to call on Mother’s Day.

“I’ve always loved telling stories that celebrate female friendship,” Chupack says, “and this is about a deep female friendship between three women, plus the friendship of their three sons, plus the women’s individual relationships with their sons.”

After they show up unannounced, Carol plans to temporarily move in with her son (Sinqua Walls), who is not happy about the new living arrangement.

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But any concerns the boys may have are secondary to the moms’ own issues. Notes Chupack, “The women need to figure out who they are in this stage beyond motherhood — otherhood which might be a beginning rather than an ending.”

Otherhood, Movie Premiere, Friday, August 2, Netflix