‘Florida Girls’: Watch the Hilariously Dirty Red Band Trailer for the Pop TV Series (VIDEO)

Pop TV
'Florida Girls' renewed for Season 2 on Pop TV

Pop TV, the U.S. broadcast home of cult-favorite sitcom Schitt’s Creek, made headlines last month when it announced that it had saved beloved sitcom One Day at a Time from cancellation. And while it’ll be quite a while before you’ll be able to watch that series on the CBS-owned network, Pop’s latest sitcom, Florida Girls, could potentially bridge that gap.

Florida Girls is a bit less family friendly than ODAT or Schitt’s Creek, but it shares some similar DNA with the two sitcoms: they’re about people trying to survive in an increasingly complicated (and expensive) world and leaning on their friends to make it through. But Florida Girls has way more fighting, cursing, acid trips, and candy-colored crop tops and bikinis.

Think: Broad City + Claws + the Florida Man Twitter feed with an all-female lead cast. The series was created by Laura Chinn, who stars alongside Melanie Field, Patty Guggenheim, and Laci Mosley as a group of BFFs who work at a beach bar and barely make their rent in a trailer park in Clearwater, Florida.

If you want to get a feel of what the series is like, first check out our exclusive first look at the red band trailer below.

Next, enjoy the synopsis of Episode 2: “The girls’ plan to take acid and go to the waterpark goes awry when they realize Shelby took their only car to her new job. Torn between being a good friend and a good student, Shelby must decide what’s more important.” Acid trip or GED studying? Classic Florida problem.

Florida Girls premieres Wednesday, July 10 with back-to-back episodes on Pop TV, and is also available to stream on the PopNow app as well as other streaming services.

Florida Girls, Series Premiere, Wednesday, July 10, 10/9c