‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Sneak Peek: Jonathan & JD Team Up (VIDEO)

Get ready for a special episode of HGTV’s the Property Brothers. The series returns Wednesday, July 10 for an all-new installment featuring Drew and Jonathan Scott‘s brother JD.

The episode, titled “JD and Annalee,” sees the brothers team up to transform JD’s former bachelor pad into a “dreamy newlywed” home, considering his impending marriage to the love of his life and fiancée, Annalee. It’s up to Drew and Jonathan, with a little help from JD, to create the forever home of their brother and future sister-in-law’s dreams.

HGTV's 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' Reimagines the Family HomeSee Also

HGTV's 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' Reimagines the Family Home

In the premiere a couple preparing for their third child has their family home made over.

Thankfully, we have an exclusive clip from the exciting episode in which Jonathan and JD reminisce about their past while working on the project together. “I’ve been renovating houses alongside JD since we were teenagers, and you could not ask for a better big brother,” Jonathan muses about his sibling. “He was there to help build our Vegas home, he was there to build Drew and Linda’s house as well. So, to be able to return the favor is really special.”

While the serious sentiment is part of the renovation, that doesn’t mean the boys don’t have fun joking about their memories working on houses in the past. In a hilarious moment, they recreate what it was like when they used to work without all of the proper tools they now have access to.

(Credit: HGTV)

Don’t miss the shenanigans above in the exclusive clip and make sure you catch JD and Annalee’s renovation as well as many others when Property Brothers: Forever Home airs Wednesdays on HGTV.

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