Snoopy Touches Down at Comic-Con With Vintage Apollo-Era Swag


In space, no one can hear you scream “Good grief!”

Not that anyone will have reason to grouse with these goodies. In honor of this summer’s 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s moon landing, Peanuts — which has had a long relationship with NASA — will be bringing some major space merch to the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con International.

Among the limited-edition items up for grabs are t-shirts, enamel pins, patches, baseball caps, even a yo-yo, all emblazoned with Astronaut Snoopy in various styles. In addition, there will be replica prints of the actual safety posters created for NASA in the 1960s featuring the first beagle to make it to the moon, as well as a motivational “All Systems Go” banner.

Replica prints of safety posters created for NASA in the 1960s

These exclusives will be available at the Peanuts booth #1635 on the floor of the San Diego convention center, while over in the Gaslamp District at their pop-up shop on 226 Fifth Avenue, fans can their hands (and feet) on the greatest way to navigate the convention’s crowds: A limited-edition “Apollo VIP” skateboard deck.

This black and silver collaboration between Peanuts and The Skateroom, which creates and sells high-end art edition skate decks to fund social skate projects for at-risk youth, is going fort $165 and will be the first design to hit the market. Five other Snoopy-and-Apollo-themed skate decks will be released at art boutiques later this summer.

“All Systems Go” banner (left) and limited-edition “Apollo VIP” skateboard deck (right)

If you’re heading to SDCC 2019 and want to snatch up the Peanuts swag, get there early and often. The booth routinely draws a crowd clamoring for their wares, but those waiting in line at the right often get to snap pics with Snoopy himself. And it’s awesome.

2019 San Diego Comic-Con International runs from July 17-21 in San Diego, CA.