'Cupcake Championship': Expert Bakers Compete in New Food Network Series

Rick and Christina Gables
Anders Krusberg/Food Network

Over five episodes, world class cupcake artists will compete for a sweet title with mind-blowing creations in Cupcake Championship, beginning Monday, July 1 on the Food Network.

Host Kardea Brown oversees groups of expert bakers as they battle to achieve new levels of edible ingenuity in two rounds of competition for a $10,000 cash prize. Judge Maureen McCormick is joined by a revolving panel of guest judges, including Nacho Aguirre, Lerome Campbell, Amirah Kassem, Stella Parks, Gesine Prado and Joshua John Russell, to determine who is named each week’s Cupcake Champion.

Each episode kicks off with the Designer Challenge where the four contestants must create cupcakes to celebrate an event or theme, and the judges send the least successful baker home. The three remaining contestants then proceed to the Imagination Challenge, an amped-up battle to create a three-dimensional cupcake tableau with bigger displays and multiple flavor components.

Judges Amirah Kassem, Nacho Aguirre, and Maureen McCormick, and host Kardea Brown (Photo: Food Network)

In the premiere episode, the cupcake makers are challenged to make succulent plants out of cupcakes…but things get prickly when one cupcaker is eliminated by judges in the first round. The three remaining competitors take on the delicacies of beautiful flower bouquet designs to see whose flower-bouquet cupcake display will earn them the title of Cupcake Champion.

Additional challenges during the season have the competitors making edible snow globes, incredibly detailed pet designs, savory ‘food imposters’, mythical beings and even an entire planet made out of cupcakes!

Cupcake Championship, Series Premiere, Monday, July 1, 9/8c, Food Network