‘First Responders Live’ Sneak Peek: Meet Ramon Cooper (VIDEO)

First responders live ramon cooper

Fox’s latest reality series, First Responders Live, brings viewers up-close and personal with everyday heroes providing top-notch health care to those in emergency situations.

Among those heroes is New Orleans native Ramon Cooper, who is front-and-center in the June 26 episode. TV Insider has your exclusive first look with a special clip introducing the paramedic and revealing a side of him outside of the uniform.

“What my grandmother told me was, ‘Your hands are an instrument from God and if its that person’s time then its that person’s time.’ I’m working through him and if He gives me the skills, I could really do some good for these people and I just love the challenge,” Cooper says of his passion as a first responder. But Cooper is more than just a care provider, he has another passion.

“The Coop behind the badge is a cool, laid back, chillin’ rockstar,” he explains, as he sits in recording studio. The reveal proves that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to our first responders around the country.

(Credit: Fox)

First Responders Live, executive produced by Dick Wolf, Rasha Drachkovitch and Tom Thayer, is hosted by Josh Elliott and gives more interesting looks into first responders’ lives. The series, which premiered June 12, also brings viewers close to the action as they see real cases unfold.

Learn more about Cooper in the clip below, and don’t miss him in action when First Responders Live airs on Fox.

First Responders Live, Wednesdays, 9/8c, Fox