Disney Channel’s ‘Just Roll With It’ Puts Its Stars on the Spot (VIDEO)

Have you ever watched a show and wished you could decide what happens next? Well, Disney Channel’s Just Roll With It is doing just that by letting its live audience determine the action in each episode.

In the new show which follows a blended family that includes a father and son and mother and daughter that are quite literally rolling with he punches life has to offer — in this case the audience. TV Insider has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the show which allows us to see how the auidience participation works.

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April 18 marks 35 years since the channel was launched.

“It’s about a family and how they get along together,” co-creator and executive producer Adam Small says. “As another layer on top of that,” adds co-creator and executive producer Trevor Moore, “we’re adding these cool scenarios that you get to vote on.”

So how does it work? Stars Ramon Reed, Kaylin Hayman, Suzi Barrett and Tobie Windham will be in the middle of a scene when a foghorn goes off and the live audience is prompted to make a decision on what happens next. “We just learn a 30-page script and we don’t know where the surprises are gonna happen,” Barrett says. “And we’ve gotta roll with it,” adds Windham.

(Credit: Disney Channel/Giles Mingasson)

The surprises can range from eating gross food to being doused in various substances such as soap suds or even interacting with live animals. See it all for yourself in the featurette above and don’t miss Just Roll With It on Disney Channel.

Just Roll With It, Wednesdays, 8/7c, Disney Channel