Get Your First Look at ‘Big Brother’ Season 21’s First Challenge (PHOTO)

Big Brother
Robert Miller/CBS

CBS’s long-running reality competition Big Brother has always brought the strangers-forced-to-live-together drama, but let’s not overlook the fun part: the challenges.

When Season 21 kicks off with a two-night premiere, 16 houseguests begin their three-month crusade for a $500,000 prize (and the notice of host Julie Chen Moonves). But first — in a season that embraces the great outdoors — they have to get through the silly summer camp seen below in an exclusive artist’s rendering.

Check out the full rendering here:

“This challenge has one of the things we love to do in Big Brother, which is put our houseguests in complete darkness and play a game,” executive producer Rich Meehan says.

Lost in the woods with no light to guide them, each player must blindly fumble his or her way through the backyard to find the path leading back to the house, aka Camp B.B. Along the way, they could unintentionally knock into obstacles or end up in a decoy room with a similar name, like Camp Bee Bee, where they’ll get stuck in a quagmire of honey, or Camp Bee Gees, where they’ll have to hustle through a disco diversion.

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Big Brother’s challenge department, led by co-executive producer Heath Luman, spends up to eight weeks conceptualizing, planning and doing trial runs of each showdown, which, variously, test physical strength, mental sharpness, memory and endurance. But “especially on opening night, when the stakes could be very high, we want to make sure it’s as fair as possible,” exec producer Allison Grodner says.

Host Julie Chen (CBS)

“Everyone can do well [on this one]. It’s not going to rely on a specific skill that maybe one person will have over another.” Of course, if you happen to have perfect night vision, you might have the advantage here.

Big Brother, Season 21 Premiere, Tuesday, June 25, and Wednesday, June 26, 8/7c, CBS