‘The Bachelorette’ Extended Trailer Promises Tears, Lies & Physical Relationships (VIDEO)

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The Bachelorette premiered Monday night and introduced a new set of potential suitors to Season 15 lead Hannah Brown.

The Bachelor alum finally got her chance to pick who she wants to pursue heading into the new season and a newly released extended trailer is teasing all kinds of drama, from tearful scenes to pathological liars.

Below we’re breaking down five of the biggest takeaways from the trailer and you can catch the nearly four-minute video below.

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Painful Group Dates

(Credit: ABC)

Toward the beginning of the trailer, Hannah is seen with a handful of her suitors in a peculiar set-up. With the assistance of actor Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen, it would seem Hannah B. is giving her guys labor pains through a simulator and it appears to be nothing short of torturous.

Foreign Affairs

(Credit: ABC)

Of course, Hannah and the boys will be globe-trotting this season, and this year they’re headed to Amsterdam and maybe Scotland based on the kilts the men don in the trailer. Ultimately, the European jaunt brings out something in the Bachelorette as she’s seen getting up close with many of the men in various locales.

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Luke P.’s Pathological Problem

(Credit: ABC)

Based on the men’s reaction in the trailer, Luke P. is definitely not liked and clearly not trusted by his fellow competitors. They call him a pathological liar and physical altercations are hinted at. Can you say drama?

Hannah B. Gets Physical

(Credit: ABC)

During a heated exchange with one of the men (currently unidentified), Hannah reveals that she’s had sex and hints that she’s having physical relationships with some of the men. It appears that the fight stems from one of the guys being upset over the idea. “You don’t own me, you don’t get to decide what I can and can’t do,” she says in a corresponding confessional.

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Tears Take Over

The pressure will get to Hannah at some point because as the trailer wraps she’s seen in a tearful confessional saying so. “I’m a normal human being trying to be The Bachelorette,” she says through tears.

See all of the drama unfold in the video below and don’t miss this season of The Bachelorette on ABC.

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