Super Bowl 2020 to Include Fewer Ad Breaks

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
Harry How/Getty Images

When the Super Bowl hits screens in 2020, viewers could expect less interruptions in the action as Fox unveils plans to reduce the number of ad breaks during the event.

According to Variety, the network is working closely with the NFL to come up with a more conducive viewing method. But before Super Bowl commercial fans get too worried, the plan includes designating the same amount of air time in past years but with a different format.

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As of now, the Super Bowl includes roughly five commercial breaks per quarter and Fox’s new plan is to reduce the breaks to four per quarter. Ultimately the breaks would be extended in length to accommodate the many commercials that less sports-based fans look forward to.

The new concept came to fruition after the NFL observed that viewers complained there’s too many ad breaks interrupting the game’s action. So, in accordance to these complaints Fox hopes to improve the viewers’ experience while not compromising the amount of ad space for vendors.

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With less ad breaks, this makes the competition for a prime spot in the commercial lineup even more intense. But thankfully viewers won’t miss out on the best of both worlds when the Super Bowl rolls around next year.