Cheers & Jeers: ‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer, ‘Big Bang’ Finale, ‘Game of Thrones’ & More (VIDEO)

cheers and jeers veronica mars and game of thrones

A lot’s been going on in the world of television which means it’s time for a new edition of Cheers & Jeers.

TV Guide Magazine‘s Senior Writer Damian Holbrook is breaking down all of the good and bad from TV this week in the latest installment. In the mix this time are shows like Veronica Mars, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and Chicago Med.

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Plus, Nicole Kidman and Kate McKinnon-starring series, 'Handmaid's Tale' trailer and more.

So which ones made the Cheers and which the Jeers? Well, when it comes to Veronica Mars‘ newly released trailer it’s all Cheers as the Hulu revival offers up the perfect amount of nostalgia. Meanwhile, The Big Bang Theory‘s finale just taped and from what Holbrook has heard, its worth more than a few Cheers.

As for the unlucky Jeers, there’s a bone to pick with Game of Thrones over the recent Battle of Winterfell. And that’s not all! Get the full breakdown from Holbrook below: