New ‘Pennyworth’ Trailer Delivers a Punch… and Premiere Date! (VIDEO)

Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 101: Pilot
Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 101: Pilot

One Wayne Manor door closes, another is…well, not even built yet. But at least the man who will eventually watch over DC Comics’ most famous orphan is staying with us. And he’s bringing the Swingin’ ’60s with him!

Even though tomorrow night marks the end of Gotham, that doesn’t mean the small screen’s Alfred Pennyworth is getting much of a holiday. On Wednesday, EPIX finally announced the July 28 premiere date for their Alfred origin story, Pennyworth.

The streamer also dropped a second trailer designed to give fans a better taste of the British espionage and adventure series. The fun will kick off almost two months after Sean Pertwee’s take on the butler extraordinaire is relieved of his duties at Fox. Check it out:

Picking up the mantle as Al’s younger self is Jack Bannon (Ripper Street), whose war-vet Pennyworth is on the cusp of creating his own security firm in the opener when he shares a fateful meeting with one Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge).

From there, the former SAS soldier is thrust into a crazy world of Royal loyalties, underworld criminals, and the kind of kickass action that would make Batman proud — though the Caped Crusader would never admit it, because you know that guy is stingy with the compliments!

Pennyworth, Series Premiere, Sunday, July 28, 9/8c, EPIX