‘American Horror Story’ Season 9 Title Recalls Popular Horror Decade (VIDEO)


The ’80s were a scary time — and not just because of shoulder pads and those clunky personal computers. Horror movies were all the rage, and American Horror Story will be invoking that fear in its ninth season, titled AHS: 1984.

Creator Ryan Murphy announced the news himself, posting a teaser to Instagram set to “Six Feet Under” by Billie Eilish. The video calls upon the popular horror genre trope of a killer chasing a young woman — in this case, through the woods.


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AHS SEASON 9 is called…

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The girl takes refuge in a cabin, only for the killer to stab his knife through the door next to her head. She screams as the title is revealed, followed by a premiere season: fall.

That tracks with previous seasons’ releases. Seasons 1-5 all premiered in the first few weeks of October, while the past three seasons debuted in September. A fall premiere date allows for a new episode to scare fans for Halloween, which falls on a Thursday in 2019. Every season except for Cult has aired on Wednesdays. (Season 7 aired on Tuesdays.)

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From Sarah Paulson to Jessica Lange to Evan Peters.

Murphy also used Instagram to announce that Emma Roberts — who appeared in Coven (Season 3), Freak Show (Season 4), Cult (Season 7), and Apocalypse (Season 8) — will be returning. Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy will be playing her character’s boyfriend.

Evan Peters recently revealed he won’t be appearing in AHS: 1984, making this the first season of American Horror Story he will miss.

Are you ready to relive the fun and horror of the ’80s? Sound off with your thoughts on the American Horror Story Season 9 theme in the comments below.

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