‘The Walking Dead’ — Who Said It: Carl Grimes or Henry? (QUIZ)

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Gene Page/AMC, Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

In many ways, The Walking Dead‘s Carl Grimes and Henry couldn’t be more different. One was from Alexandria, the other’s from the Kingdom. One was raised by Carol and Ezekiel, the other by Rick and Michonne and Lori.

But in other ways, they’re similar; they both go out of their way to help those in need, and both had a nasty penchant for making the worst possible decisions when they were little (Carl freeing the walker that killed Dale, and Henry inadvertently freeing all the Saviors at Hilltop come to mind). Carl wouldn’t stay in the house, Henry wouldn’t stay at Hilltop.

Henry’s meant to be similar to his one-eyed counterpart: He’s taken much of Carl’s storyline from the comics, including his romance with Lydia.

But do their similarities extend to their dialogue? Click through our quiz to see if you can tell quotes from these two apart.

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