BET’s ‘Finding Justice’ Docuseries Examines How Activism Creates Change

Finding Justice
Courtesy of BET

“Black lives matter! Being black is not a crime! We have nothing to lose but our chains!” — These are chants used to focus the light on the inequalities of Black America.

Photo: Nathan Bolster/BET

Finding Justice addresses the injustices found in African American communities across America. The six-episode docuseries, airing Sundays on BET starting March 10, travels to Tampa, St. Louis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, the Twin Cities, and onto Baltimore to expose the devastation caused by racial discrimination.

Photo: Nathan Bolster/BET

Each episode focuses on a different, appalling inequity and goes beyond exploring the racial injustice to intimately follow real-life journeys toward change. We are introduced to inspiring heroes, leaders, advocates, change agents and innovators, each dedicated to changing communities, cities, and lives.

Photo: Nathan Bolster/BET

Co-producer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, partnering with BET, is bringing diverse and influential stories forward. Telling powerful stories that must be told, from the school-to-prison pipeline to voter suppression in African American communities.

“We are pushing to create a platform that will enable healing and inspire change on a global scale,” said Johnson.

Finding Justice puts us at the center of the fight to change black lives in America.

Finding Justice, Premiere, Sunday, March 10, 8/7c, BET