Your Favorite Holiday Movies Compete in Hallmark’s Merry Madness Christmas Bracket

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Just because it isn’t the holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your favorite yuletide flicks! And Hallmark Channel’s inviting its viewers to do so with their special Merry Madness competition.

In the vein of the NCAA’s March Madness, this competition involves viewers’ participation via the Hallmark website. The challenge, which is returning for its third year, involves pitting popular Hallmark Christmas movies against each other in a bracket-style “tournament.”

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Whether the flick is new this year or one of their throwback classics, these festive rom-coms are all the same at their core.

Through March 28, viewers are invited to enter their picks on the website for the opportunity to win a $10,000 grand prize. In the bracket, they’ll predict which movies will be selected by fellow participants each round. Those contestants who predict accurately will continue on in the rounds and get closer to winning.

So whether you prefer the old favorites or the new additions to the network’s holiday catalog, there’s plenty of options for your picks. This year, 64 films are in facing off, so pour yourself a cup of cocoa, throw on some holiday tunes, and get in the spirit!