Will ‘Lethal Weapon’ Return for Season 4? And Will Damon Wayans Be Back?

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[Warning: The below contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of Lethal Weapon.]

Season 3 of Lethal Weapon wrapped on Tuesday night, and the finale has fans wondering about the future of the Fox cop dramedy.

It’s been quite the roller coaster ride for viewers who bid farewell to former co-lead Clayne Crawford in the second season following his firing from the show. After that, Seann William Scott entered the scene in the third season as Murtaugh’s (Damon Wayans) new partner Cole, spurring mixed feelings among fans.

But for the show’s continuing fanbase, fear over Wayans’ future with the show has been at the front of their minds. This was mostly due to a late 2018 interview, in which the actor said he wouldn’t return for a potential fourth season. So, what’s the deal?

Earlier in February, showrunner Matt Miller hinted that Wayans would likely return if Fox network renews the series. “It made us all sit down and roll up our sleeves and say ‘we’re really hearing you, you’re sick, tired, what do you need’. It was a cry for help. We worked on ways that could fix his schedule and change some storylines to accommodate him,” Miller said about Wayans’ complaints over being worked too hard.

“Since that time, it has been an absolute delight making the show. He has come to work with a smile,” said Miller of Wayans’ new outlook.

Ultimately, Miller said, “We are all in a very good headspace; I think it’s going to be a conversation, a negotiation, but I’m very hopeful that he will return.”

So if the show does get the green light from Fox for another season, Wayans will likely be in the fold. After all, the Season 3 finale [Spoiler Alert] saw Murtaugh and Cole heading to South America with their wives as they unofficially pursue a criminal named Barnes (Mykelti Williamson). A potential fourth season could very well pick up during their South American adventure.

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The lead announced he's leaving the show at the end of the year.

The network has yet to sound off on a fourth seaon for the series. And though Lethal Weapon‘s ratings this season may be down from last year, the series is still bringing in respectable numbers each week — and higher than other dramas on Fox’s schedule.

So cross your fingers, Lethal Weapon fans, because who wouldn’t want to see a South American adventure play out between Murtaugh and Cole?

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