‘The Women Tell All’: What ‘Bachelor’ Fans Want to See Unfold


Despite waiting an eternity to see Colton Underwood jump the fence, this season of The Bachelor has been fairly action-packed, which is why the upcoming Women Tell All special is especially exciting. According to Colton himself, fans should expect to see some serious drama unfold.

“Y’all are in for a GREAT Women Tell All,” he tweeted along with a tea-sipping GIF. “I second this!!” replied Bachelor veteran Ashley Iaconetti, who we assume was present at the time of the filming.

So much drama. So little time. Let’s break down what we’re hoping to see on The Women Tell All, shall we ?

Onyeka vs. Nicole

Who can forget the feud between these two? Although they always seemed to butt heads, their feud reached an all-time high when Onyeka called Nicole “emotionally unstable” due to her emotional outbursts on the show. Nicole apparently interpreted that as “mentally unstable” and told Colton she was being “bullied” by Onyeka and, sigh… it just ended badly.

The endless bickering between the two women resulted in Colton storming off during a cocktail party, only to later send both home during a rose ceremony.

It’ll be interesting to see if the ladies will choose to bury the hatchet or if they plan to keep this feud alive for the sake of a potential storyline in Paradise. Our money is on the latter.

Demi vs. Courtney and Tracey

While she was one of the more likable villains to appear on The Bachelor, Demi definitely had her fair share of enemies — specifically Courtney and Tracey.

Courtney was famously sent packing after Demi referred to her as “the cancer of the house” to Colton. She also claimed she was “attacked” by Courtney and that she was “so mean” though it was never confirmed what Courtney said to make Demi feel this way.

“I didn’t attack you,” Courtney told Demi, prior to getting eliminated. “But I think I should have.” Yikes. Something tells us Court may have a few choice words for Demi at the Women Tell All.

And the same goes for Tracey, who frequently feuded with Demi over their difference in age. Tracey, 31, often pointed out that Demi, 23, was “immature” and “lacking life experience” while Demi had no problem referring to the wardrobe stylist as a “cougar”.

Cassie and Caelynn vs. the rest of the house

The majority of the women in the house felt Caelynn and Cassie weren’t ready for marriage, and many of them—including Kirpa and Tayshia—expressed those feelings to Colton. But what exactly did Caelynn and Cassie say to make the women feel this way?


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Rumors initially started swirling after contestant Katie gave Colton a warning about people in the house with ulterior motives. Apparently, the remaining contestants collectively assumed Katie was referring to Caelynn and Cassie. But why? We’re hoping that The Women Tell All will finally put this unsolved mystery to rest.

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