Everything We Know About the ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie So Far

Breaking Bad - Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Fire up the meth labs! More intel is being revealed about the Breaking Bad movie. The latest reports say the eagerly awaited film, which reportedly started lensing in Albuquerque in late 2018, will be a sequel to the 2008–13 AMC drama and focus on beleaguered meth cooker Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

In the series finale, Jesse escaped an abduction and was last seen driving down a New Mexico highway, full of relief for having made it out alive.

But what about Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the cancer-stricken high school teacher turned drug lord who ultimately died from a gunshot wound? Cranston, who confirmed the project was happening last November, recently said, “If I got called to do the movie or [the show’s prequel] Better Call Saul, I would do it in a second.”

However, the actor won’t cross one particular line. “If they were talking about rebooting Breaking Bad and Walter White didn’t die after all, I wouldn’t do it because, to me, it was such a perfect beginning, middle and end.” Cue the flashbacks!

While an airdate has not been announced, the movie will reportedly first air on Netflix — which brought more viewers to Breaking Bad by streaming early seasons during the show’s original run — then on AMC. We’re on a high just thinking about it.

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