Roush Review: ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Goes Down Smoothly if Pure Escapism Is Your Tonic of Choice

Larry D. Horricks/ABC

Don’t ask who wears the pants in this spy-vs.-spy relationship. To be fair (and nonsexist), both mostly do, though the lady can rock a glamorous gown when required.

The joke amid the freewheeling international capers of Whiskey Cavalier is that the title hero — a code name for FBI agent Will Chase (Scandal’s Scott Foley) — is a hard-bodied softie, a sentimental fool in a high-stakes game of life and death.

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“You’re too nice,” grouses his reluctant partner in crime fighting, Frankie Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan), a gorgeous yet stone-cold CIA superagent. (Her code name: “Fiery Tribune”… which might have been a catchier title.)

As sleek as it is silly, Whiskey goes down smoothly if pure escapism is your tonic of choice. The show doesn’t take itself the least bit seriously, and neither do the actors, including Josh Hopkins as a smarmy coworker and Tyler James Williams as the requisite tech-nerd hacker. Cohan especially glows with delight at the chance to put the dour misery of The Walking Dead behind her and rejoin the ranks of the living and occasionally smiling.

Whiskey Cavalier

(Larry D. Horricks/ABC)

There’s plenty of cause for a grin in Whiskey, as long as you put your mind on hold.

Whiskey Cavalier, Wednesdays, 10/9c, ABC