‘Lethal Weapon’ EP & Star Tease a ‘Wedding From Hell’ in the Season 3 Finale (VIDEO)


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Dearly beloved, Lethal Weapon wraps its third season on Tuesday with a “wedding from hell,” teases executive producer Matthew Miller.

Things go awry at the nuptials of Detective Cole’s (Seann William Scott) former wife, Natalie (Maggie Lawson), and her fiancé, Andrew (Jonathan Sadowski). But things on the work front are rough, too, as the bromance between Cole and his partner, Detective Murtaugh (Damon Wayans), is tested when Cole gets involved in a CIA case and leaves Murtaugh in the dark. Scott says, “That rubs Murtaugh the wrong way.”

For Scott, who joined the series at the start of Season 3 after the firing of original cast member Clayne Crawford, he says getting a handle on Cole took a little time. “But at a certain point, with Cole’s sense of humor and stuff like that, we figured it out and that was a bit of a relief because it’s a new character. It’s not like a movie where you can just hope for the best.” In short, he adds, “It’s such a fine character. It’s like a little bit of everything and really rewarding.”

The actor also teases the largeness of the season finale. “Everything that that you’ve seen throughout the season culminates into this one episode,” he says. “It was nice because I started this journey with Maggie and it was great to able to end it with her, especially when you see the story and how it comes together. It was very fun.”

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He's Murtaugh's new partner and an ex-CIA International operative.

The series, yet to be renewed, goes all out on action in the finale, promises Miller: “One stunt is so big I didn’t think it was logistically possible!”

Here’s an exclusive clip that shows one of those big stunts from the season finale:

Lethal Weapon, Season Finale, Tuesday, February 26, 8/7c, Fox