First Look: Adam Goldberg's New Role on 'God Friended Me'

God Friended Me
Michael Greenburg

The Trio of Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall), Cara (Violett Beane) and Rakesh (Suraj Sharma) are about to take a major step toward figuring out who is behind the mysterious social media account they’ve been investigating all season on God Friended Me.

So far, they’ve linked the God Account, the owner of which claims to be the Almighty Himself, to elusive hacker Henry Chase. In the March 3 episode, Rakesh finally comes face to face with Chase’s old friend, tech CEO Simon Hayes (Adam Goldberg).

Hayes is developing an innovation that he’s convinced will change the world, and coder Rakesh’s work catches his eye.

“He sees in Rakesh a young Henry and wants Rakesh to work closely with him,” Goldberg explains. “They each need something from the other, [but] both are playing their cards close to their chests.”

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