‘Flack’ Series Premiere: There’s No Scandal Anna Paquin Can’t Handle (VIDEO)

Colin Hutton/Pop

London-based celebrity publicist Robyn (Anna Paquin) is extremely good at cleaning up the messes her A-list clients seem almost preternaturally prone to making. From drugs to infidelity to arrests, there’s no scandal she can’t handle in Pop’s dark new dramedy Flack.

So why is Robyn herself such a cocaine-snorting, star-shagging hot mess? “The things that make her good at her job are not 100 percent functional qualities,” Paquin says. “There’s a way to be good at the smoke-and-mirrors and showmanship and not be someone who is deceptive in her home life. But she’s not that person.”

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In the series premiere, Robyn is still holding it all together. She and sister Ruth (Genevieve Angelson) both left the U.S. for the U.K., and are still reeling from their mother’s suicide a year earlier. But while wife and mom Ruth has thrown herself into creating the perfect home life, Robyn is starting to self-destruct. “She hasn’t hit rock bottom,” Paquin says. “The way she’s constructed her life, the threads haven’t come loose. As we watch this season, we do see it starting to unravel.”

The actress, who exec produces the series with actor husband Stephen Moyer, has witnessed her share of hush-hush showbiz scandals over her long career — “nothing I could share that wouldn’t be glaringly obvious,” she says. “My discretion as a human being prevents me from going there. But I’ve seen some stuff!”

Check out an exclusive clip from the series below:

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