‘This Is Us’ Postponed for the SOTU Address — Find Out When It Returns

Songbird Rd 2

It looks like fans will have to wait a little longer to see Nicky (Griffin Dunne) meet the rest of the Pearson family as This Is Us‘s next episode has been rescheduled.

The move is in direct correlation with the State of the Union Address by President Trump, which has been slated for Tuesday, February 5 — the initial slot for This Is Us’ next installment. Viewers may recall that the most recent episode of the NBC drama was titled “Songbird Road: Part 1,” so the anticipation for “Songbird Road: Part Two” is real.

In “Part One,” viewers saw “The Big 3” meet their long lost Uncle Nicky for the first time after discovering that he was alive. Now that Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) have been clued into Nicky’s past with Jack (Milo Ventimigilia), there’s no telling where things will go.

The teaser for “Part Two” hints at Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Nicky’s first meeting, and since she’s not hiding her shock about the situation, fans are dying to know what happens next. So when can you catch the second half of these companion episodes?

“Songbird Road: Part Two,” will air in the show’s usual Tuesday night time-slot but on February 12 — a week later than originally planned. The move means the show will have had a three-week hiatus after “Part One,” which aired January 22.

This Is Us isn’t the only show that will be preempted. The original State of the Union Address was scheduled to occur Tuesday, January 29, but due to the government shut-down, it was postponed for safety reasons with a lack of proper security.

Reruns of This Is Us, FBI on CBS, The Gifted on Fox, and ABC’s Tuesday night aired on January 29, and now, it seems they will again on February 5. Because of the rescheduled SOTU Address, it looks like we’re in for a lengthy programming hiatus.

This Is Us, Returns Tuesday, February 12, 9/8c, NBC