‘Russian Doll’ First Look: Natasha Lyonne Reunites With ‘OITNB’ Co-Star Dascha Polanco (PHOTOS)


Your next Netflix binge, Russian Doll, is set to premiere February 1 on the streaming service, and we have your first look at star Natasha Lyonne reuniting with her Orange Is the New Black co-star Dascha Polanco!

The dark comedy follows Nadia (Lyonne), a woman who relives the same party over and over again — think Groundhog Day with a dark twist. Polanco’s character Beatrice is the soon-to-be ex-girlfriend of Alan (Charlie Barnett) who is as chic as she is cold — she looks out for no one but herself.

In the exclusive image above, that becomes apparent as Polanco trades her prison-wear for pearls. But in the image below, she seems a bit different alongside Jeremy Bobb, who plays a man named Mike.

In addition to Polanco’s guest spot, viewers can expect to see Burt Young, best known for his role as Paulie in 1976’s Rocky. The actor will appear in the series with fellow castmates Greta Lee, Yul Vasquez, Elisabeth Ashley, Chloë Sevigny, Brendan Sexton III, Rebecca Henderson, Ritesh Rajan, and Jocelyn Bioh.

The show, co-created by Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland may seem rooted in fiction, but it’s a look at mental health just as much as it is society. TV Insider spoke with Lyonne at the premiere where she elaborated on the significance of this close-to-home project.

“Because of my life experience and because it’s so deeply personal — I mean it really is my heart and soul in this thing… I think that at my core I would love for us to be able to start having conversations about brokenness and the fact that we’re all a little bit broken on the inside and that’s okay and sort of removing the shame around that,” she spoke candidly.

“I think that we live in a terribly hyper-idealized society for all the wrong pursuits of perfectionism and they don’t ultimately make us happy. I think that if we were to just start speaking frankly around that stuff we might have a much better time of it and maybe just a much better shot.”

Co-star and friend Chloë Sevigny, who plays Nadia’s mother in flashbacks, sang her friend’s praises as she described the show and what viewers should look out for. “It’s challenging and funny,” she gushed. “Natasha’s just an amazing talent, amazing to watch and endlessly amusing and fascinating. I think anyone that’s a fan of hers… is gonna love it.”

Fellow stars Ritesh Rajan and Brook Timber echoed those sentiments as Rajan said, “It’s a wild ride with heart… People are gonna laugh, it’s got a little bit of everything for everybody — great cast, great crew — it’s spot on.”

Meanwhile, 8-year-old Timber, who plays the younger version of Lyonne’s Nadia, concluded, “This TV series is going to be exciting.”

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