The 8 Best Performances From Fox’s ‘Rent’ Live (VIDEO)

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Fox’s latest live musical venture may not have gone as planned, but there’s no denying that they brought the songs of Rent to its audience, one way or another.

Over the weekend, Brennin Hunt — who was playing Roger in the musical — sustained an injury that rendered him unavailable to perform to the role’s full extend, leaving the network scrambling to pull the production together. Lacing pre-recorded performances with live portions, Fox managed to present the musical in its entirety with Hunt performing live in some songs as well.

Below we’re rounding up the evening’s best performances from one mind-blowing reunion to other show-stopping numbers.

“Take Me or Leave Me”

Vanessa Hudgens and Kiersey Clemons took on the duet originated by Idina Menzel and Fredi Walker on Broadway. The singers’ back-and-forth made for an engaging and powerful performance.

“Today 4 U”

James Leyva donned Angel’s iconic red ensemble for this fan-favorite number that was nearly overpowered by screams from the audience. Needless to say, some may have ended up like the Akita named Evita after the song, which included some drum stick action as well.

“La Vie Boheme”

Apart from “Seasons of Love,” this song is one of the largest ensembles with Jordan Fisher taking the lead as Mark in the beginning of the show’s longest song.

“Seasons of Love” with the Original Broadway Cast

The musical’s most popular song had a special rendition when it brought out the original Broadway cast members to perform. As if the song didn’t make us emotional enough, this stunt was sure to bring on the waterworks for any die-hard fan of Rent. Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Idina Menzel, Fredi Walker, Taye Diggs and more were all on-hand for the moving moment.

“Out Tonight”

Tinashe’s rendition of Mimi’s ambitious number captured the essence of the character while also garnering praise from the audience for her wild choreography.

“I’ll Cover You”

As one of the most revisited songs throughout the musical, “I’ll Cover You” remains a favorite among fans. James Leyva and Brandon Victor Dixon’s version was a worthy addition.

“Tango: Maureen”

Clemons and Fisher go back and forth with each other as Mark and Joanne — Maureen’s (Hudgens) ex-boyfriend and girlfriend. The number is comical while also showcasing the singers’ talent.

“Light My Candle”

Despite being one of the pre-recorded performances, Hunt and Tinashe bring the show’s famous duet to life as their characters Roger and Mimi formally meet.