Are ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Rent’ & More Holiday Movies? What the Readers Said

'Rent,' 'Eyes Wide Shut,' and 'Die Hard'
Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection; Warner Brothers/ courtesy Everett Collection; 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

There are some movies that are clear holiday classics. They’re feelgood, perfect for family viewing, and the festive season plays a major role in the plot.

But there are others, like Die Hard, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Catch Me If You Can that can go either way — and for these, people usually have strong opinions. On November 11, we asked you if you thought some of those classified as holiday movies, and now we’re revealing the results. Read on to see which films you thought should and shouldn’t make the cut.

Yes, It’s a Holiday Movie

Of the 13 movies we asked viewers to vote on, four received the majority of votes for “yes, it’s a holiday movie,” and the results shouldn’t be that surprising. For one, almost everyone (95 percent) considers It’s a Wonderful Life to be a holiday movie.

The other films that made the cut are The Holiday (with 82 percent), the always-debated Die Hard (with 72 percent), and The Nightmare Before Christmas (with 64 percent).

No, It’s Not a Holiday Movie

On the other hand, over 90 percent of voters said these three movies were not for the holiday season: Eyes Wide Shut (97 percent), Rent (96 percent), and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (91 percent).

Readers also don’t consider Batman Returns (85 percent), Catch Me If You Can (84 percent), and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (84 percent) holiday flicks. Slightly more controversial but still trending as “not a holiday movie”? Lethal Weapon (75 percent), Gremlins (67 percent), and Trading Places (63 percent).

Do you agree with those results? Is there another movie you feel should be considered a holiday movie but isn’t or shouldn’t be but is? Let us know in the comments below.