‘Lethal Weapon: Can Murtaugh Really Pull Off His Classic Fight Moves? (VIDEO)

Lethal Weapon - Damon Wayans
Ray Mickshaw/FOX
Damon Wayans in the "Roger & Me" episode of Lethal Weapon.

MMA fighting can be tough… but tough enough to end up six feet under?

In this week’s episode of Fox’s Lethal Weapon, a dead MMA fighter leads Detectives Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and Cole (Seann William Scott) on the path to find out what happened to him. But, as you’ll see in the below exclusive sneak peek, we also find out that Murtaugh actually has some classic fighting moves of his own.

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'Lethal Weapon' Sneak Peek: Deck the Halls With... A Puzzle of Body Parts (VIDEO)

And is Bailey bothered by the fact that Scorsese seems to be hitting it off with her new partner? Watch this preview and see for yourself!

Also in the episode, Trish (Keesha Sharp) thinks about a shift in her career path. Plus, Cole and Erica (Nishi Munshi) hit a roadblock in their keeping-things-casual relationship plan when Cole’s daughter, Maya (Shay Rudolph), reacts in an unexpected way.

Getting back to Murtaugh and those fight moves he likes to mention, namely a “signature move” of his called “The Roger,” is the seasoned detective all talk? Watch this clip where, in Scorsese’s (Johnathan Fernandez) morgue, Murtaugh insists he still has the goods.

Lethal Weapon, Tuesdays, 8/9c, Fox.