‘Grace and Frankie’ Co-Creator Teases RuPaul’s Season 5 Character

Melissa Moseley / Netflix

So much for a triumphant homecoming.

At the end of Season 4 of Grace and Frankie, best friends Frankie and Grace (Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda) busted out of the retirement community, only to discover that their kids had sold the beach house where the pair had been living prior to the move.

“Now Grace and Frankie have to get it back, but that’s easier said than done,” says the comedy’s cocreator Howard J. Morris, noting that they’ll be going up against Benjamin Le Day (RuPaul), a formidable opponent working on behalf of the La Jolla pad’s mysterious new owner.

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Also on the horizon: Grace will continue her relationship with younger suitor Nick (Peter Gallagher), while Frankie inadvertently puts the ladies’ adult-toy business at risk.

Confirms Morris, “She causes a major crisis with a tweet.”

Grace and Frankie, Season 5 Premiere, Friday, January 18, Netflix