Mike Rowe Gifts a Christmas Sneak Peek From ‘Returning the Favor’ (VIDEO)

Mike Rowe - Facebook Watch - Returning The Favor Christmas Episode
©Michael Segal

Mike Rowe is on a mission to celebrate humanity’s best. In his Facebook Watch series Returning the Favor, Mike and his team travel across the country to meet and celebrate people whose selflessness and acts of kindness better their communities and prove that the world is a pretty great place to live. Every episode of Returning the Favor is a joyful, two-hanky affair, and it’s hard not to watch without getting the warm-and-fuzzy feels.

In an all-new holiday episode, “A Firefighter Christmas,” Mike and his team of elves head to Texas to honor volunteer fighter Blake “PeeWee” Henson, and his unique organization that helps people in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event.

Each of the people that Mike honors on Returning the Favor is special, but PeeWee’s story of kindness rose from the ashes of his own personal tragedy. After PeeWee was displaced after a fire burned his house down, he created the Texas Firewalkers to help other families in a similar situation, and to assist local firefighters.

And in this exclusive clip from the episode that premieres on Christmas Day, Mike and his team of miracle workers help make the holidays extra-merry for PeeWee and The Texas Firewalkers. Friends, family and a choir gather to sing PeeWee’s praises, and Mike gets to play Santa and reveal a ton of custom gifts and a giant surprise!

Ooh, the squishy goodness!

If you know someone in your community who’s doing selfless work for others, and deserves to have the favor returned, you can nominate them on the “Returning the Favor Effect” Facebook Group!

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