‘Modern Family’ Will Likely Have a Season 11 After All

ABC/Tony Rivetti

After months of speculation about the future of ABC’s beloved comedy Modern Family, fans are being given some hope for Season 11 this holiday season.

During an appearance on Busy Tonight, cast member Julie Bowen sat down with Busy Philipps to discuss various topics including Modern Family and she pretty much confirmed the show will be sticking around.

Concern over the show’s fate began with the start of Season 10 — the show’s final season on the cast’s current contracts. Considering the stars of Modern Family are among TV’s highest-paid, the chances of renewal seemed slim. But now Bowen is singing a happy tune when asked about the show having another season.

Bowen told Philipps, “I think that there is [another season], I’ve been told that there is. You know, the ink is not dry, but I have very positive feelings about it.”

Bowen and Philipps on Busy Tonight

If you think Bowen’s statement seems unsure, she maintains that there is hope because she’s usually not this positive. “I’m never positive, so if I’m feeling sort of positive… I don’t gleefully go for optimism… but I think this is pretty good,” she added.

This news is certainly encouraging for fans as they await the arrival of Season 10’s second half. Despite being on air since 2009, the family comedy series continues to tackle new topics every week on ABC, and adding another season would allow for further development.

Modern Family, Season 10 returns, Wednesday, January 9, 9/8c, ABC