CBS’ ‘I Love Lucy’ Christmas Special Adds a New Splash of Color for 2018

I Love Lucy Christmas Special

CBS again trots out this vintage-style colorization of I Love Lucy’s 1956 Christmas special — a never-gets-old collection of flashbacks with Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) and husband Ricky (Desi Arnaz) reminiscing about their lives before Little Ricky’s arrival. (Lucy crashes a barbershop quartet! Maternity-ward zaniness!)

Black-and-white purists were horrified when CBS partially colorized the long-lost special in 1990, but viewers loved the pop. In 2015, CBS went full color — and tonight also integrates a freshly colorized version of 1952’s “Pioneer Women.”

This slapstick-filled episode pits Lucy and neighbor Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance) against Ricky and Ethel’s hubby, Fred (William Frawley) — with new dishwashers on the line — as they try to live like it’s 1900. Gonzo bread baking ensues.

Stay tuned at 9/8c for another classic with a new look, The Dick Van Dyke ShowNow in Living Color! In the double episodes, housewife Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) gets her toe stuck in a bathtub drain, and son Ritchie (Larry Mathews) asks the unwelcome question “Where did I come from?”

I Love Lucy Christmas Special, Friday, December 14, 8/7c, CBS