Why Netflix’s Engrossing Thriller ‘The Five’ Is Perfect for Crime Drama Fans

The Five

If you’re nostalgic for gripping CBS drama Cold Case, or crave a dramatic version of true-crime shows that investigate decades-old evil deeds, you’ll love engrossing 2016 British thriller The Five from author Harlan Coben.

This twisty mystery begins with an incredible discovery: 20 years after a 5-year-old boy, Jesse Wells, went missing, his DNA is found at a murder scene. The shocker reunites four childhood friends who were the last to see the lad alive. (A serial killer confessed to the crime, but a body was never found.)

The still-traumatized quartet resolves to find answers, all the time wondering if the kid they knew could now be a menace.

The series keeps viewers guessing about what happened to Jesse — and whether the gang can trust each other. Guilt-ridden older brother Mark (Tom Cullen), a lawyer, is having an affair with a married woman; savior-type Slade (Lee Ingleby) runs a youth shelter but has a shady side; doctor Pru’s (Sarah Solemani) perfect life isn’t what it seems.

On the murder case that started the whole thing is stressed-out Detective Sergeant Danny Kenwood (O.T. Fagbenle), whose father, a retired cop, handled Jesse’s disappearance.

Over the 10 episodes, the story goes places you don’t see coming, but the finale satisfies with a jaw-dropping reveal.

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