‘All American’: Can Spencer & Coop’s Friendship Survive on Different Sides of the Tracks? (VIDEO)


Spencer (Daniel Ezra) might want to buckle up, because it looks like his ride or die is ready to walk.

After a standout pilot last week, All American is getting right to the business of shaking things up for South Central transplant Spencer now that he’s traded the mean streets of Crenshaw for the cushy life of Beverly Hills High. Being the new kid, a football star-in-the-making and the coach’s pet project means adjusting to a whole new playbook, on and off the field, but it’s not just Spencer who is feeling the pressure to get it all right.

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In this exclusive clip from the hour, entitled “99 Problems,” Spencer is confronted by his best friend Coop (Bre-Z), who is starting to realize that her life has been also upended without the “halo effect” of having her protector around anymore. But rather than run herself ragged trying to impress everyone, like Spencer’s doing, she’s all about dropping the truth that it’s time to man up or be pulled down.

Watch the video below:

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