How Will ‘Killing Fields’ End? Watch This Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Killing Fields
Killing Fields

It all ends here.

On tonight’s season finale of Killing Fields, Discovery’s true crime docu-series, detectives have homed in on a few leads in connection with Eugenie Boisfontaine’s death all the way back in 1997. Appropriately, the finale airs on what would have been Boisfontaine’s 53rd birthday.

In this exclusive clip, retired Detective Rodie Sanchez and Forensics Detective Lori Morgan are out looking for more clues when Detective Aubrey St. Angelo discovers a lead on one of the possible suspects and calls in a car description.

Tune in Tuesday at 10/9c on Discovery to see if they’re able to track down the suspect, and if Rodie will finally be able to put this case to rest.

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