7 Affirmations From Issa’s Mirror Moments on ‘Insecure’


Forget Stuart Smalley — Issa Dee is our new source for daily affirmations. On HBO’s Insecure, Issa hypes herself up by rapping into the bathroom mirror, and we could all take a cue from those verses.

“The rapping device is Issa’s singular way to express herself,” creator and star Issa Rae told Vox at the time of the show’s premiere. “Every time she’s in that bathroom, it’s her safe space. It’s how you know what she’s thinking. It’s her opportunity to practice life, to practice being a person.”

“It’s also just so ridiculous,” the Awkward Black Girl alum added. “You know, her rapping skills are kinda whack. But at the end of the day, that’s what makes her feel comfortable.”

So, just in case you need an extra dose of self-confidence, here are seven mantras to recite. Because really, who doesn’t need to practice being a person?

When you’re introducing yourself

“Hi, I’m sexy.”

When you’re on your glam game

“Hey, mirror b***h / You’re lookin’ real clean / You’re lookin’ real bad / You’re lookin’ like a queen.”

When you’re on that grind

“Go for it go, go for it, go / Ho for it, ho for it, ho.”

When your cat-eye eyeliner is on point

“Hey, tiger.”

When you’re weighing your options

“Do you want your man or not? / Do you know your plans or not? / You gon’ go back home or not? / You gon’ claim your throne or not?”

When you have your idols in line

“Do you know who you are? / You the bossiest b***h / You a grown-ass woman like Solange’s sis / You gonna take control like Janet, or lose control like Missy / The decision is yours: boss up or be a p***y.”

When you’re a casual Game of Thrones viewer

“Is you Khaleesi? Or that other b***h whose name I don’t remember?”