‘World News Tonight’s David Muir Reveals What Story Has Moved Him the Most


This September marks David Muir’s fourth anniversary anchoring ABC’s World News Tonight.

He has more to celebrate than just that milestone: By the end of July, his show had beaten its network rivals in total audience for most of the past year.

What’s more, in April, Muir’s Q Score was the highest of any other TV news media personality, meaning he’s the most liked by viewers. The anchor shares some thoughts about his high-profile job.

Why is a nightly show still relevant in a world of Twitter and endless online news?

David Muir: Americans are hungry for someone to break through the noise, and that’s what our team is doing. Network news is more than just relevant; it’s growing. Our newscast has the largest audience it’s had in 13 years.

You’ve traveled abroad 20 times in the past four years. What’s one report that really moved you?

We did a story about the famine in Somaliland in 2017. After it aired, viewers raised $1.8 million to help. I never underestimate people’s generosity and interest level in news around the world.

What stories are your current passion?

We have a feature called “America Strong,” where we highlight ordinary Americans going above and beyond. One standout was about a 20-year-old named Walter whose car broke down [before] his first day of work at a moving company. He walked all night, 20 miles, to get there on time. We do what we can to remind [viewers] that there is a common humanity.

What’s your first news grab in the morning and last at night?

I look at my iPhone the moment I wake up and read what our incredible overnight team put together. Then I dive into [newspapers] and I watch our competitors. I wish I could say I block out the news before I go to bed, but the last things I hear are “talking heads,” and then I do one last phone check!

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