Expect Some 'Scandal' Crossovers in 'For the People' Season 2

Meaghan Darwish
ABC/Craig Sjodin

It was a sad spring for Gladiators when the ABC political drama Scandal signed off for good after seven seasons.

Thankfully, former Scandal showrunner Tom Verica has some surprising intel that may give those fans a glimmer of hope. And it all came out in a simple tweet!

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Verica also worked on Scandal's Shondaland sister How to Get Away with Murder on which he played husband, Sam Keating to Viola Davis' Annalise Keating.

These days, Verica is busy as the executive producer for newbie Shondaland legal drama For the People. But given this show's Shonda Rhimes connection — not to mention his history on another Shonda show —  it makes sense fans are wondering if there could be some familiar faces stopping by in Season 2.

The cast of Scandal.

During a round of Twitter questions with fans, Verica was asked if there was "any chance we can get some Scandal cast cross over action come season two of for the people? Guest spots? Directors?"

"Oh you know we’re looking at that," he tweeted matter-of-factly. In fact, some of the folks from How to Get Away with Murder could be involved in that. Not only is it also a show that lives in that realm of politics and justice, Verica appeared on the show as Sam Keating!

Before Scandal ended, its big How to Get Away with Murder crossover gave us hope for future Shondaland cast mixing, so this comes as great news.

Let us know what you think of a possible For the People-Scandal-How to Get Away With Murder crossover in the comments below!