How Did Arizona and April Leave ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? The Cast & Fans React

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It finally happened. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and April (Sarah Drew) said their official goodbyes to Grey’s Anatomy in May 17’s Season 14 finale.

Their stories didn’t have the sad ending that usually plagues departing Shondaland characters. Instead, things were left off quite promising with this pair as they decided it was time for a change in their lives.

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New photos from the episode tease there will be blood.

Focusing on the catastrophe-filled wedding of Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington), the finale sent of two of their best with thoughtful storylines that include a wedding, a big move, and a change of career.

After last week’s episode, which had April nearly perishing after a car accident, she decided to take her healing hands on the road to help the homeless. Her decision was, as she described, “doing God’s work.”

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In the Season 14 finale, fans will say two more goodbyes to Arizona and April.

Meanwhile, Arizona revealed that she’d be moving out East to be closer to daughter Sofia’s (Eva Binder) mom Callie (Sara Ramirez) and admitted that every time she gets a text from her ex, she smiles. So while Callie and Arizona’s fate is left to the viewers’ imaginations, they were left with a lot of potential.

Before the episode’s end, April also got married to former fiancé Matthew (Justin Bruening) in a moment so sweet it had America collectively “aww”-ing.

So what did the cast and fans have to say about Arizona and April’s exits? Find out below!

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The Stars

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14

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My nine years on Grey’s Anatomy has forever shaped and changed me. I grew as an actor and as a human. I developed beautiful life long friendships. I found my voice and learned how to collaborate creatively with our incredibly talented group of writers and with our leadership. Our writers are simply extraordinary. This past year, I began my journey as a director and had the privilege of being taught by Chandra Wilson, Kevin McKidd and Debbie Allen. I was able to grow my family and have my two beautiful children while working in an environment that took great care of me thanks to Shonda Rhimes and the precedent she set. And I got to be a part of a show that continues to push boundaries, inspire people to pursue their dreams, find strength in hardship, and fight for what they believe in. What an honor and a privilege to have had the chance to be a part of this extraordinary family.

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This moment was extraordinary. After our final scene, our beautiful crew gathered around me and Jessica and presented us with gorgeous boxes full of pictures and letters from everyone. It was so heavy and I didn’t know how to open it and look through it while holding it, so Jesse came up and opened it for me. Thank you, Camilla for snapping this pic!! Jessica and I got to share with our crew how much they’ve meant to us. It was so sweet. This season, the experience of shadowing Chandra and Kevin gave me a new perspective and an incredibly profound respect for our crew. Spending every moment on set for a full episode allowed me to see their tireless dedication, and their extraordinary talent in a new way. Every single crew member is absolutely essential to the creative process and though they all work tirelessly, they rarely get celebrated or recognized for their amazing contribution. Despite the incredibly long hours that our crew dedicates to Grey’s every week for nine months out of the year, they still somehow manage to show up every day with enthusiasm, commitment and positivity. It’s been truly humbling to witness. We have the best crew.

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