‘Code Black’s Brother Act Is at Center of This Week’s Episode

Code black
Sonja Flemming/CBS
Code Black, Harry Ford,

Medical dramas possess three things: scrubs, blood and a staff that feels like a “family.” Code Black’s senior nurse (Luis Guzmán) even goes by Mama. The doctors are his “kids.” But now wide-eyed rookie resident Angus (Harry Ford) has real kin in the operating room: his snarky surgeon brother, Mike (Casual star Tommy Dewey). The siblings will play a major role in Feb. 3’s eventful flashback episode. Here, Ford chats about TV bros and other family matters.

What’s Angus’s role in Code Black’s brood?
In many ways, he feels like the baby who just needs a little encouragement, lots of hugs and some diaper-rash cream.

Who’s funnier, you or Tommy Dewey?
Tommy. He’s one of the sharpest wits around, but please don’t tell Bonnie [Somerville]. Or Raza [Jaffrey]. They think they’re a real barrel of laughs.

What do you think makes you guys seem like you could be related?
Aside from our Southern charm, almond-shaped eyes, strong jawlines and superhuman intellects, I’d say it’s that we’re both like golden retrievers after they’ve just had a great bath.

How is Mike’s presence affecting Angus?
Mike immediately made the world less lonely for him. He’s also Angus’s fiercest advocate—but such adoration belies a complex love.

What else holds Angus back?
His desire to please everyone else before himself. He’s got the heart and the mind to be the hospital’s best doctor, but it’s possible no one will ever know. That and his desire for doughnuts. Art imitating life!

Code Black, Wednesday, Feb. 3 10/9c, CBS